Our mission is a carbon-free future

The basis of our company is laid in providing carbon-free energy at a stable price for our owners.

According to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, affordable and clean energy is seen essential for sustainable economic growth and improved human wellbeing. Energy needs to be produced and consumed sustainably if the devastating impacts of climate change are to be mitigated.

Finland’s National Energy and Climate Strategy for 2030 sets the framework for energy production in Finland for the coming years with a clear goal of aiming towards a carbon-free society. The Hanhikivi 1 project is in line with this objective. By constructing and later operating Finland's sixth nuclear power plant we are directly contributing to the sustainable development of energy production and halting the progress of climate change.

In addition, the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant will replace the production capacity that will exit the Finnish market and will help reduce the shortage of electricity supply in the future. As a by-product, the project will stimulate the Finnish economy and employment.

Before we achieve our goal of commissioning the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant we have still some years of hard work ahead of us. The decisions we take now pave the way for our future. That is why corporate responsibility is an integrated part of our operations and it is paid attention in our project objectives and our Key Performance Indicators throughout the project.

2016 – a year of organizational growth and development

The past years our organization has been growing significantly both from organizational development and headcount perspective. In 2016 we recruited 84 talented new colleagues. Also our operations, processes and practices were strongly developed to be ready for the construction of the actual nuclear power plant.

We submitted batches of design documentation of the nuclear power plant to the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority STUK. We also submitted the Environmental Impact Assessment Program concerning the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel, thus fulfilling the requirement of the 2010 Decision-in-Principle.

During the year the construction work at the plant site progressed and the first buildings were completed. Approximately 150 people, mostly Finnish, were carrying out daily work at the plant site. Over time we will see an entry of construction workers of many different nationalities at the construction site.

All the work that we have done and are doing to set common guidelines and practices will support us maintaining a functioning and safe construction site where contractors and workers abide by the Finnish legislation and our Code of Conduct.

One of our key responsibility focus areas in 2016 was developing a new Compliance and Ethics Program, which was launched in January 2017. During this year we will review our procedures and develop our operations in order to ensure that the principles of our Compliance and Ethics Program are taken into account in all our operations and within our supply chain.

Looking ahead

Our cooperation with the plant supplier progresses constantly. Our main priority in 2017 is to deliver the planning documentation of the nuclear power plant to STUK on time to receive the Construction License in 2018. Also the competence and process development within our own organisation continues to be a high priority.

As part of the Compliance and Ethics development, Fennovoima signed the United Nations’ Global Compact initiative in the beginning of 2017. With the signature we agreed to align our strategy and operations with the ten principles of the initiative concerning human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. The commitment to the principles was a natural, albeit significant, continuation of our sustainability efforts.

Toni Hemminki
Fennovoima's CEO