Business practices and company structure

Company structure

The annual general meeting of shareholders elects five to eleven actual members and four deputies to the Board of Directors for one year at a time. The CEO heads the company, assisted by the Management Team.

Fennovoima's operations are divided into departments, each headed by a member of the Management Team. He or she, in turn, will report to the CEO, who is Mr. Toni Hemminki. The Board of Directors ensures that the CEO carries out his obligations and works for the best of the company.

Fennovoima has the following committees nominated by the Board of Directors: Nuclear Safety Committee, Project Execution Committee, Finance Committee, and Nominating Committee.

Business practices

Fennovoima complies with good governance and accounting principles. Our principles are defined in the Fennovoima Code of Conduct, which all employees must follow without exceptions.

The duties and responsibilities of the various departments of Fennovoima are defined distinctly. Irrespective of position, no person in Fennovoima may either require or allow illegal activity. Corruption and bribery are prohibited in all Fennovoima's operations.

Board of directors  (2016) Committees NAtionality
Mr. Juhani Pitkäkoski (Chairman) Project execution committee (chairman), Nominating committee Finnish
Mr. Pekka Erkkilä  (Deputy Chairman) Project execution committee Finnish
Mr. Nikita Konstantinov - Ukranian
Mr. Juha Mäkitalo Project execution committee, Nominating committee Finnish
Mr. Seppo Siljama - Finnish
Mr. Stefan Storholm Project execution committee Finnish
Mrs. Anastasia Zoteeva - Russian

The committees included also the following members: Project execution committee: Mr. Grigory Gromov and Mr. Djurica Tankosic; Finance committee: Mr. Esa Lager (chairman), Mr. Jussi Lehto and Mr. Vyacheslav Ivanov; Nominating committee: Mrs. Olga Vechtomova; Nuclear safety committee: Mr. Ami Rastas (Chairman), Mrs. Kirsi Kavonius-Hietanen, Mr. Juhani Hyvärinen, Mr. Peter Tuominen, Mr. Gabor Vamos, Mr. Timo Äikäs

Fennovoima Management TEAM (2016) Area of responsibility NAtionality
Mr. Toni Hemminki CEO Finnish
Mrs. Minna Forsström Project Finnish
Mr. Wilhelm Guthwert Legal Finnish
Mrs. Maira Kettunen Communications and Public Affairs Finnish
Mr. Juha Nurmi Quality Finnish
Mr. Vesa Ruuska Nuclear Safety Finnish
Mrs. Eija Salo Human Resources and Administration Finnish
Mr. Otso Torniainen Finance Finnish