Organizational structure and growth

Fennovoima's organizational structure, responsibilities and activities are developed in accordance with the requirements set in the YVL Guides and other binding laws and regulations.

Fennovoima's operations are divided into sections, each headed by a member of the Management Team. He or she in turn reports to the CEO. The Board of Directors ensures that the CEO works in accordance with the rules and regulations applicable to the company and for the best of the company.

In 2016, the Program Development (PD) unit was separated from the Project department to focus on strategy development, program planning, annual work planning, organization planning and corporate-level reporting, as well as risk management. The unit reports to the CEO. Fennovoima's organizational structure is presented in the figure below.

At the moment

Our operations focus on the supervision of the plant design, quality and project management, and applications for various permits and licenses. The largest department in Fennovoima’s organization during the current phase is the project department, with the nuclear safety and quality departments closely supporting it.

The Project Execution Committee, appointed by Fennovoima’s Board of Directors, supports the project management and supervises the progress of the project, identifies targets for development and monitors the achievement of project objectives.

During the construction phase, when the focus shifts from planning to the execution of the project, the structure of our organization is planned to remain roughly the same as in the licensing phase.

Fennovoima's organization structure.

Organizational growth

Fennovoima’s Human Resource Plan covers the years 2014-2023 and it presents the planned organizational growth. The personnel forecast is based on the project needs set by program milestones, schedules and related workload estimations. The Resource Plan is updated annually, and recruitment activities are carried out in accordance with the Fennovoima Recruitment Process.

During 2016, the growth rate of Fennovoima’s headcount has been more moderate than before and will also be moderate in 2017 compared to the previous years. Visible growth can still be expected, as Fennovoima will continue to develop its own organization. Fennovoima has focused on the recruitment of various technical experts and project professionals. In 2016, recruitments were divided into seven planned phases and one extra phase that took place in the summer.

Fennovoima’s partners in recruitment has been Psycon Oy and a few headhunting companies. The most important recruitment channel is Fennovoima’s own employees and their network. Fennovoima’s recruitment team works closely with the line managers.

Fennovoima's personnel estimate 2014-2018.