Corporate Responsibility development

Corporate Responsibility development is an ongoing task, and the CR Program will be updated in its entirety to cover the objectives of different project phases before the construction phase begins and again before the operation of the nuclear power plant begins.

Fennovoima wants to be regarded as an open and transparent organization, and reporting about our corporate responsibility gives our stakeholders the possibility to have a good glance into our operations and practices.


Fennovoima's internal policies and Code of Conduct were revised.

Internal corporate responsibility survey and interviews and research on matters that are important to our stakeholders were conducted to set the baseline for the corporate responsibility strategy and development of a materiality matrix.


Based on the baseline studies and research, Fennovoima's Management Team defined and validated the most important corporate responsibility viewpoints and set the general ambition level.

2014/ 2015

Interviews: Fennovoima management and experts gave their opinion on material issues and their current state, and listed the need for actions, goals and targets related to material corporate responsibility issues.


Fennovoima CR Program was accepted by the Management Team.


Compliance and Ethics Program was developed and a Policy update was made.

CR reporting methods were defined and the first CR report covering year 2015 was published internally (Q4/2016).


The first external CR report covering year 2016 is published.

The CR Program will be revised and updated.


Essential to us and to our key stakeholders

Our responsibility work focuses on matters that are essential to us and our key stakeholders. Our materiality matrix was elaborated in 2014 to describe the responsibility themes of the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant project that are defined as material during the ongoing licensing phase. These themes lay the foundation for Fennovoima’s Responsibility Program for the years 2015 to 2018.

The program objectives and goals are mostly interlinked with our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are monitored and reported monthly. In addition, we have some Corporate Responsibility-specific targets that are monitored and reported at least on a yearly basis through our Corporate Responsibility report.

Fennovoima's materiality matrix