Our stakeholders

Fennovoima’s Hanhikivi 1 project is large, networked and societally influential; therefore, the high importance of stakeholders is recognized in our company. 

Fennovoima’s stakeholders were identified at the beginning of the project in 2008, when a comprehensive arena analysis was conducted. In our company, stakeholders are understood as those organizations or entities that have influence on the project or are influenced by the project.

The expectations of our stakeholders towards Fennovoima are diverse, which affects the ways of cooperation. Fennovoima cooperates with a large variety of stakeholders at local, national and international levels.

The most important stakeholders (not in order of importance) include our employees and owners, the region of Pyhäjoki, the plant supplier and all our contractors, related authorities and decision-makers, Finnish labor market organizations, educational institutions in the technical field, our peer companies and organizations within the industry, the media, the public sphere, and NGOs in the field.


Enthusiastic and motivated employees are one of our most important assets for a successful project. We provide our employees with interesting and challenging work, and we encourage the continuous development of skills. We strive for active dialogue between the employer and employees. Every month, we arrange a project meeting directed at the whole staff where the current matters of the project are reviewed. Furthermore, common coordination meetings of the employer's and the employees' representatives take place regularly, and we meet each other also at informal occasions that are meant for the whole staff.


Fennovoima exists for the sake of its owners. Our mission is to provide emission-free electricity at production cost price to the shareholders.

Pyhäjoki region

In Pyhäjoki, the preparation for the large nuclear power plant project has been in progress already for a long time. Our collaboration with the local stakeholders is active, and we cooperate closely also with development organizations and companies in the area.

Authorities, Decision-makers and Industry Associations

Our cooperation with the related authorities and decision-makers is wide and continuous. Trust and transparency are the basis of the functional cooperation.

Throughout the company’s existence, Fennovoima has maintained constructive dialogue with the Finnish Government and Parliament. We also maintain dialogue with European Union-level stakeholders to follow and maintain compliance with EU-level requirements and standards.

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority STUK is a highly influential and essential stakeholder for us. Fennovoima and STUK have established meeting and correspondence practices to ensure coordination over nuclear safety and licensing issues.

Also the Regional State Administrative Agency of Northern Finland (AVI in Finnish) and the Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of North Ostrobothnia (ELY-keskus in Finnish) are close and important stakeholders to Fennovoima. Fennovoima is applying for several conventional permits from the Regional State Administrative Agency, and the Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment acts as the supervisory authority for these permits. It also acts as an important link to business and industry, and the labor force.

As the activity at the construction site increases, the cooperation intensifies with authorities and other organizations related to building regulations and labor issues, such as industrial safety administration, immigration and tax authorities. Also, the police and local fire departments are organizations that we have close relations and cooperation with regarding the safety and security of the plant site. 

Fennovoima participates actively also in the activities of several nuclear industry associations and other associations in Finland and abroad.

Labor Market Organizations

Fennovoima's goal is a functional and safe construction site, where labor relations are handled properly and grey economy is effectively prevented.

Together with the key representatives of Finnish labor market organizations, we established a working group to search for solutions for the future challenges of the construction site already in advance. Together with the labor market organizations and the plant supplier RAOS Project, we negotiated a Site Agreement to ensure that labor matters are appropriately taken care of during the whole construction phase of the nuclear power plant.

Educational Institutions

It is important to us that educational institutions continue to provide technical educational programs to the same extent also in the future. We also consider it important that students, especially those from the northern regions of Finland, are familiar with our project, as the nuclear power plant will be a significant employer in northern Finland, and it will provide jobs for skilled experts from different disciplines for decades.

Plant Supplier and Contractors

Fennovoima cooperates very closely with the plant supplier RAOS Project Oy, which is part of the Rosatom Group, and the main contractors, Titan-2, Atomenergomash, Atomproekt and Gidropress.

Media and the Public Sphere

According to our Communication policy, we serve the media honestly, transparently and as close to real time as possible.