Our approach

Our responsibility objective is to be a good corporate citizen. To us, this means constant weighing of the safety impacts and social, economic and environmental effects of our decision-making, and absolute compliance with all applicable legislation.

Effective project management and high-standard quality management have substantial significance in our project. Our management practices are based on openness and bearing the responsibility in all operations. All decision-making must be accurate.

Our organization is growing strongly, and therefore continuous organizational development and improving our ways of action is important. We pay special attention to information and knowledge management, and we invest in training and continuous learning of personnel.

Clear organizational structure and management practices, transparent division of responsibilities and a comprehensive management system facilitate the control of the risks associated with the project.

As a licensee, we have an undivided responsibility for the safety of the future nuclear power plant. With efficient project and quality management, we ensure the safety of the project and that the project is executed in accordance with the project plans, within budget and on schedule. It is of the utmost importance that the whole organization works seamlessly towards our common objectives.

We carry on dialogue with our most important stakeholder groups, and we respect their opinions. Fennovoima aims to maintain and strengthen its reputation, generate confidence, contribute to the commitment of all project participants, including shareholders, and develop positive stakeholder relations.

Meeting the expectations of our external and internal stakeholders. All Fennovoima’s stakeholders have clear expectations of how a company like Fennovoima should conduct itself towards external and internal actors. The legitimization of the project is granted by the Finnish Government and the Parliament. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that Fennovoima is regarded by the authorities and other stakeholder groups as a professional, transparent, respectable and reliable organization.

Following high business ethics. Hanhikivi 1 is a complex project with a relatively long life cycle. The CR Program helps us in ensuring that the project fulfils the requirements of responsible and ethical behavior that is expected from us at all times.

Attracting, retaining and motivating the best people. Employees want to work for a company that they respect. Creating a diverse company culture, adopting leading employment practices, and demonstrating our commitment to social and environmental issues can help us to attract the best people.

Enhancing our reputation. We will reduce the risk of adverse publicity by ensuring that our work complies fully with regulations and standards.

Possible cost savings. Efficiency in processes and smooth and responsible operations facilitate the progress of the project and can produce cost savings in the long term.