Supply chain management

The purpose of Fennovoima’s supply chain management is to provide a way of managing, monitoring and developing the performance of the entire supply chain of the Hanhikivi 1 project.

The scope of supply chain management in Fennovoima includes supplier approval, supplier follow-up, supplier steering and supplier data management.

Fennovoima ensures that the plant supplier and sub-suppliers delivering services and products important to safety are in compliance with the safety requirements and have in place procedures to ensure the conformity and acceptability of the products and services they provide, as compliance with safety requirements is a basic condition for engagement with Fennovoima.

Process development

Our supply chain management procedures and process development follow the project phases. During the year 2016, we focused on intensive process development, controlling the supply chain documentation of RAOS Project, and arranging supply chain management training with the main suppliers.

During 2017, we will focus on the development of RAOS Project's sub-suppliers controlling procedures and processes, and document implementation.

Supplier approval and follow-up

Initiative for the supplier approval process may arise from Fennovoima’s own need to place an order, from the plant supplier RAOS Project, or from the nuclear fuel supplier TVEL in an official approval request. Supply Chain Management is responsible for the coordination of the review process and distribution of the supplier approval or rejection decision.

Fennovoima Supply Chain Management assesses the potential supplier companies in a comprehensive manner. All services and activities provided by the suppliers are classified according to their importance to nuclear safety and treated accordingly. In addition to the nuclear safety criteria, numerous other factors are emphasized in the supplier selection. The supplier must fulfil technical, financial and safety requirements to act as a supplier in the Hanhikivi 1 project.

In addition, safety-related suppliers must have a quality management system that is appropriately certified or independently evaluated by a third party, e.g. ISO 9001 certification, and suppliers must have in place processes to control the operations of their own sub-suppliers. Suppliers must comply with the occupational safety and environmental requirements of the OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards. Also matters such as prior experience of similar work are checked.

The conditions for the supplier’s use of subcontractors and the communication and relaying of requirements within the supply chain are defined in the Supply Chain Manual, procurement plans and purchasing procedures of Fennovoima and in those of the plant supplier to ensure that safety requirements are fulfilled within the entire supply chain.

We require our suppliers and sub-suppliers to comply with all applicable Finnish and international laws and regulations, and to meet the regulatory requirements and contractual conditions. We also expect our partners to follow ethical business practices, respect the environment and human rights, and offer a safe and fair work environment for their employees.

Supply Chain Management Process Integration Map