Our people

Our human resources management focuses on responsible and continuous development of the organization.

Our key objective for the moment is to develop an organization that has all the competencies and personnel for ensuring the statutory and legal requirements set for the construction phase of the nuclear power plant. Resource planning and competence management are critical success factors for Fennovoima. Fennovoima’s Human Resource Manual as well as Organizational Manual are integrated parts of the Fennovoima Management System. Fennovoima has wellbeing management and other processes in place in order to create a good and equal working environment.

During 2016 our competence pool was complemented with new areas of expertise, and many existing competence areas were strengthened with new resources. Development of Fennovoima’s competence model was started and the company core and leadership competences were defined and implemented. Development programs of leadership and management skills for Fennovoima managers were executed and they continue annually.

Employment data  
Total number of employees 270 of own personnel and 46 resource plan consultants

New contracts by contract type: by gender and by age group

72 in Helsinki and 12 in Pyhäjoki, total 84 (2015:119) of which 73 new personnel with permanent or renewed temporary contract, 11 short term temporary contracts (incl. summer employees), 19 women and 65 men

Under 30 years: 17, 30-39 years: 38, 40-49 years: 12, 50-59 years: 13, 60 years and over: 4

Personnel voluntary turnover rate* by contract type, location, age and gender

7.04 %

31 ended contracts in Helsinki and 3 in Pyhäjoki, of which 14 ended temporary contracts (incl. summer employees)
11 women and 23 men

Under 30 years: 4.2 %, 30-39 years: 8.1 %, 40-49 years:7.4 %, 50-59 years: 7.0 %, 60 years and over: 10.0%

Change in the employment number +55
Personnel covered by collective bargaining agreement 100 %
The average age of the personnel 41 years
Nationality of the personnel 19 nationalities

*Voluntary turnover rate: voluntarily resigned/total number of employees Dec. 31. 2016 x 100

Principles of equality and non-discrimination

We want that Fennovoima is a good place to work for all of us. Fennovoima aims to provide a non-discriminatory, equal working environment in which all genders, employees with different duties and from different backgrounds receive equal treatment and are able to participate without discrimination in all activities.

The management team and supervisors are responsible for promoting equality and non-discrimination in their work and follow-up realization of it in Fennovoima. Each Fennovoima employee has the responsibility to promote equality and non-discrimination in their own working environment.The principles of non-discrimination, diversity and equal opportunity are described in our Equality and Non-discrimination plan.

No reported incidents of discrimination during 2016.