Fennovoima Management System

Effective project management and high-standard quality management have substantial significance in Fennovoima’s project. Fennovoima Management System is in place to support responsible decision-making and high-quality operations in the organization, as required in the nuclear energy sector.

Fennovoima Management System supports responsible decision-making

Fennovoima Management System  (FMS)  gathers all functions of the company into one balanced, integrated whole and ensures that nuclear and radiation safety is always considered primary in all operations in order to meet the requirements set by applicable laws and good corporate governance, to bear the responsibilities of a nuclear licensee, and to oversee shareholders’ and other key stakeholders’ interests.

FMS is an integrated management system that covers management areas such as quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management. It is constructed hierarchically to proceed from top-level general principles presented in policies to detailed work instructions, enabling everyone to easily navigate in the system and to find the information they need. The implementation of the system is performed through a web interface, training and internal communication.

The management system is under continuous development

The ability of the FMS to meet the phase-specific needs is objectively assessed and monitored systematically. The development and applicable intermediate actions are reported monthly, and results of development plan compliance are presented in management reviews, where corrective actions are defined, if applicable.

During 2016, the FMS development was on-going, with a large amount of participants from all over our organization. The management system was unified into a more coherent whole, and a large amount of instructions and processes were reviewed. Also an independent assessment for the Fennovoima Management System was conducted to review the readiness of the system and to identify further development needs.

In 2017, we are focusing on improving the usability of the FMS further and emphasizing the training in the management system by i.e. launching a new FMS training program and also company-wide training in the review and approval process.

Internal auditing

Fennovoima conducts regular internal audits and reviews where the Fennovoima Management System and compliance with its processes and instructions are monitored and development needs are identified. Internal audits are made according to an internal audit program, and 17 audits were made in 2016.

All of Fennovoima’s operations must comply with the regulatory nuclear safety (YVL) requirements. In 2016, we conducted a self-review of compliance with the YVL requirements. Our bi-annual management reviews, which are routine evaluations of whether management systems are performing as intended, were also organized as planned.

A large-scale internal audit program will be conducted also during the years 2017–2019.


Fennovoima received ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification in 2015, and a certification audit follow-up was made in 2016. The Occupational Health and Safety Management System was audited according to the OHSAS 18001 standard at the end of the year, and the certificate was issued at the beginning of 2017. An Environmental Management System certification audit will take place in 2017.