Reporting principles

This is Fennovoima’s first published Corporate Responsibility Report and it covers the financial year 2016. Fennovoima's Corporate Responsibility Report references to Disclosures of GRI Standards 2016 are presented in the GRI index. In addition, the report includes Fennovoima’s own disclosures that we have defined as material to our corporate responsibility. When defining the materiality of issues impacting our operations, we consider the expectations of significant stakeholders inside and outside the company. For more information on our approach to materiality, see section Corporate Responsibility Program.

Data boundaries

The data presented in this report covers Fennovoima Oy’s functions in Helsinki and Pyhäjoki and in the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant construction site, if not otherwise stated.

Fennovoima’s subsidiary Fennovoima RUS has only one employee. The subsidiary is not included in Fennovoima’s corporate responsibility and performance targets and thus not included in this report.

To cover the Hanhikivi 1 construction site operations, relevant information related to the plant supplier RAOS Project Oy is also provided. The matters related to the plant supplier RAOS Project or main contractor Titan-2 that are not directly related to the material aspects of Fennovoima’s corporate responsibility are excluded from this report.

The financial data presented in the document are from Fennovoima’s audited financial statement. Supply chain data includes information from the Fennovoima Management System (FMS) and the Hanhikivi 1 site register. EPC scope related supply chain data is supplied by RAOS Project Oy.

Environmental data provided in this report covers the Hanhikivi 1 construction site. The information is collected from the Fennovoima Management System, Environmental Management System (EMS), monthly reports, Fennovoima’s Environmental Impact Assessment Report for the construction and operation of a nuclear power plant (2014) and from independent experts’ studies conducted at the plant site area. The construction waste data is from Fennovoima’s own systems and contractors working at the construction site, from Fennovoima’s waste management partners Remeo Oy and Pyhäjoen Leipä ja Kuljetus Pehkonen & Kumpp..

Human resources related data in this report covers Fennovoima’s organization in Helsinki and Pyhäjoki. Occupational health and safety data describes the Hanhikivi 1 construction site.

External assurance

An independent third party, PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy, has provided limited assurance for the performance indicators on economic, social and environmental responsibility in the English language corporate responsibility report 2016. The congruence between responsibility information presented in the English and Finnish versions has been checked.