Securing nuclear and radiation safety in all project phases

Continuous observation of safety principles is a fundamental precondition for the safe construction, operation and decommissioning of Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant. 

Nuclear safety is the core of our operations, and our behaviour is based on four principles, which are:

Commitment: set nuclear safety first, take responsibility and show good example

Awareness: know what you are doing and why

Transparency: communicate and cooperate

Continuous improvement: take initiative and seek to learn more

Nuclear safety principles

Fennovoima upholds and develops a good safety culture. Prioritizing safety, being mindful of the importance of one's own actions, bearing responsibility, openness, learning from others and encouraging partners to act safely are key elements of Fennovoima's safety culture.

It is of the utmost importance that there is a consensus among all project parties on what is meant by safety, and that everyone working in the project bears the responsibility for safety. Shared safety culture principles were agreed upon in order to ensure a coherent approach to safety, which all parties involved in the project must follow.

Fennovoima assesses safety regularly and strives for continuous improvement of the level of safety.


We employ the defense-in-depth approach in both the plant's technical solutions and our operations, which means that established working practices are such that no single human error or a process or system failure can threaten nuclear safety.

STUK is responsible for the national-level oversight of the safe use of nuclear energy in Finland. STUK performs reviews and inspections, issues statements and decisions, and gives recommendations in radiological emergencies. STUK conducts inspections of Fennovoima to verify that Fennovoima's operations fulfil the requirements of the relevant nuclear legislation, YVL Guides and official decisions.

Nuclear and radiation safety

Fennovoima and STUK will supervise the construction of the nuclear power plant and its safety at all stages of the work. Fennovoima will ensure that the plant will be constructed in accordance with safety requirements, using accepted plans and procedures.

As Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant project proceeds, the overall safety of the nuclear power plant will be assessed during the Construction License and Operating License application processes, as well as at maximum intervals of ten years during the operation of the power plant, in connection with Operating License renewals or periodic safety reviews. The operation of the nuclear power plant cannot begin until STUK has approved that Fennovoima’s nuclear power plant and operating organization meet the set safety requirements.


Decommissioning of the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant is taken into account already in the design phase of the plant. Appropriate design of the plant can reduce the volume of decommissioning waste that will require final disposal, as well as the radiation exposure of decommissioning workers.

Continuous improvement of safety at Fennovoima’s facility will include modifications based on technological advances and development of the plant’s operating procedures based on the results of new safety analyses.

Safety inspections by the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority STUK

From September 2015 onwards, the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) began its inspection program for safety assessment (RKT) regarding the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant. STUK utilizes the results of these inspections in their final safety assessment of the Construction License. Altogether, 15 inspections were conducted in 2016, as listed below.


Fennovoima's management system and key processes, follow-up

Fennovoima's civil engineering and spatial planning – preparation for internal and external hazards

Review procedures and safety assessment of the main designer of the plant's primary circuit, OKB Gidropress

Review procedures and safety assessment of the plant supplier, RAOS Project Oy

Operations relating to the initiation of manufacturing of Long Lead Items (LLI) at Fennovoima

Fennovoima’s management and safety review and assessment, follow-up


RAOS Project Oy, follow-up

Fennovoima's human resources, follow-up

Kurchatov Institute

JSC concern TITAN-2

Fennovoima's security arrangements, follow-up

JSC Atomproekt, follow-up

Fennovoima's electrical and emergency power supply equipment

Fennovoima's safeguards

Fennovoima's safety culture, follow-up