Promoting nuclear and radiation safety

Fennovoima and STUK will supervise the construction of the nuclear power plant and its safety at all stages of the work.

Fennovoima ensures that the plant will be constructed in accordance with the safety requirements, using accepted plans and procedures. Fennovoima also ensures that the plant supplier and the subcontractors that produce services and products important to safety operate in accordance with the safety requirements and understand the importance of the requirements.

Only suppliers who possess the prerequisites for operations that meet these requirements, and who use clear quality management and assurance procedures, can take part in deliveries that have safety significance.

Fennovoima has established procedures for the assessment, approval, supervision and steering of the suppliers of products that have safety significance. The procedures cover the entire supply chain and all the phases in the life cycle of the products. The nuclear safety of Fennovoima's nuclear power plant is built up by deliverables produced by Fennovoima or Fennovoima's suppliers, the plant supplier or their sub-suppliers. As the sole responsible party for the nuclear safety of the plant, Fennovoima employs the best available knowledge and resources to ensure that the deliverables support nuclear safety. 

Safety awareness

Safety awareness is maintained and emphasized in Fennovoima’s growing organization through continuous open communication and training.

Safety culture is introduced to our new employees already during the first working days as safety culture training is given value in the two weeks long orientation training that is mandatory for all new employees. Other training operations are carried out to ensure that all employees working in various positions in the organization are aware of the safety significance of their work and that the personnel is familiar with the requirements of the nuclear energy field, and adopts and maintains a high safety culture.

Safety culture is also included in the site access training as one topic. During 2016 the site access training material was revised so that the safety culture principles are more clearly present in all trained topics. An additional Safety Culture Lecture Series was started with three lectures available for all Fennovoima personnel: human and organizational factors, organizational accidents, and safety leadership.


During 2016 our whole organization went through discussions on how safety culture is realized in the daily work. This was carried out in team- and unit-level meetings, and each team made also a concrete promise on how they can contribute to each of the four safety culture principles of Fennovoima. All of these promises were gathered and compressed to four Fennovoima-level commitments, which were followed up during the year.

We also began the work for gathering safety culture-related lessons learned from previous nuclear power plant construction projects and relevant incidents. A database for recording the lessons and needed actions at Fennovoima was constructed. The work will continue in 2017.

At Fennovoima, safety culture is also promoted via the intranet and Fennovoima’s internal bi-monthly letter to supervisors, which regularly includes safety as a topic, as does Fennovoima’s bi-monthly digital stakeholder magazine Fennonen.

Safety culture ambassadors

A group of safety culture ambassadors was established to promote safety culture within the organization in spring 2015. In 2016, fourteen ambassadors were acting in the various departments and technical disciplines at Fennovoima.

Official ambassador meetings were organized five times. In addition, the ambassadors acted as contact points for employees in safety issues, shared safety related information, facilitated the safety culture principles implementation and commitments exercise, participated in safety culture audits, provided training in safety culture issues, and provided help to the safety culture manager in various other issues.