Facilitating safety culture in the Supply Chain

Fennovoima sets requirements for safety culture in the EPC contract. The fulfilment of these requirements is assured by management system audits and targeted safety culture audits. 

Auditing process development

During 2016, Fennovoima’s process of auditing safety culture was elaborated, and a separate instruction was made for conducting targeted safety culture audits. A pilot audit was conducted in June 2016 at the Titan-2 Pyhäjoki offices. Safety culture audits of Atomproekt and Atomenergomash were carried out during autumn, and audits of Gidropress and RAOS Project have been scheduled for early 2017.

Safety culture program approvals

Fennovoima approved the Safety Culture Program of the plant supplier RAOS Project in 2015, and during 2016, the safety culture programs of the four main safety critical sub-suppliers were approved: Atomproekt, Gidropress, Atomenergomash and Titan-2. Safety culture is a regular topic in all quality audits that Fennovoima conducts.

Safety Culture Working group

A nuclear safety culture working group was established in 2015, and all major safety-critical contracting parties and sub-suppliers are required to appoint a representative to the working group. The working group aims to clarify common safety culture expectations, increase awareness of the topic among all parties, and control and monitor the development of safety culture in the entire supply chain and at the plant site.

Safety culture events

Fennovoima also participated in two parallel safety culture related events organized by Rosatom: the XI International Nuclear Forum ”Safety of nuclear technologies: safety culture” and the 5th International Safety Culture School, which was organized in October in St. Petersburg, Russia. They were hosted by Rosatom CICE&T. The Forum and the School included several presentations by Fennovoima’s Safety Culture Manager. Two days of the School were dedicated to the Hanhikivi 1 project, and especially to intercultural communication issues. More than 80 specialists involved in the Hanhikivi 1 project participated in the safety culture school.