Being a good neighbor

Fennovoima’s support in Pyhäjoki (12/2016) Norstat Finland Oy.

Fennovoima’s support has remained stable in Pyhäjoki. A clear majority of 67.4 % of the inhabitants of Pyhäjoki support Fennovoima’s project (2015: 68.1 %). The survey was conducted by Norstat Finland Oy in December 2016.

According to our surveys and discussion with people living in the Pyhäjoki region, the topics of interest regarding Fennovoima are effects of the project on the lives of the residents, employment opportunities, environmental impacts and safety. People are also interested in getting information about the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel, the possible location of the final disposal facility, the schedule of the nuclear power plant project and how it proceeds, the profitability and financing of the project, and the involvement of the Russian plant supplier in the project.

Meeting the people

Fennovoima is putting a strong emphasis on personal communication and face-to-face interaction with the local people in Pyhäjoki and the surrounding areas. Our Pyhäjoki office has been serving local residents and businesses since 2008. Furthermore, we arrange open door events and theme evenings for the public and share information about the project at different fairs, seminars and events.

A total of 4 theme events were organized during the year 2016 (2015: 9). The subjects of the theme events dealt with the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel, nuclear power plant technique, water use at the power plant, and the plant supplier and its main contractor. Additionally, we organized two media events at the plant site and public events for the neighboring municipalities of Ylivieska, Kalajoki and Oulainen.

We produce a regular newsletter about the topical issues at Pyhäjoki and publish Fennovoima’s own magazine Fennonen, which is distributed to 130,000 households in the area twice a year and is available in digital form. In addition, we consider it important to engage with the community by supporting sports and cultural activities in Pyhäjoki and the surrounding areas.

Hanhikivi 1 site visit day in October gathered more than 1400 visitors.

Supporting local projects and activities

Sponsorship is a valuable way of cooperation to us. As stated in our sponsorship rules, Fennovoima provides sponsorship support to promote recreational opportunities and leisure activities: sports, culture and public interest projects in Pyhäjoki and the surrounding areas. Sponsorship focuses on children and young people. The supported projects and organizations are chosen annually through an open call. Locally Fennovoima made 31 annual sponsorship agreements.

In 2016, Fennovoima made a € 50,000 donation to the faculty of technology of the University of Oulu.

In addition, Fennovoima signed a main partner contract with the sports club Oulun Pyrintö concerning the Finnish National Championships in Athletics, Kalevan kisat, which was held on July 21‒24, 2016 in Oulu. 

In total Fennovoima’s contribution to local activities was € 168,000.

Fennovoima organized a 4x100-meter relay for the children of the sports clubs, which are sponsored by Fennovoima during an intermission in the Championships.